Finding and retaining skilled talent is the single most important factor for business competitiveness in today’s economy. Workforce Solutions offers a range of options to address this challenge. From new hire and incumbent worker training, to apprenticeship and work-based learning connectivity, we can help your company increase retention, attract a skilled and reliable workforce, and improve employee productivity and satisfaction. We can also offset the cost of your workforce initiatives at up to 75% through our KCTCS TRAINS funding! Learn more today!

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For Job Seekers

Ready to take your career to the next level? Whether you’re looking for a career change, a higher-paying job, or new skills or certifications, our local short-term training programs can help you reach your goals. We work with eager employers who are ready to hire you. Connect with our team to explore your opportunities!

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Combining on-the-job training with technical instruction, our apprenticeship program prepares workers for successful careers and builds a strong pipeline of talent for local businesses. For employers, it’s an excellent investment with an outstanding ROI. For students, Apprenticeship offers a pathway to a high-wage, high-demand career, all while you earn a solid paycheck!

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For Kentucky Communities

KCTCS Workforce Solutions partners with workforce organizations across the Commonwealth to support the economic health of our communities. The Kentucky legislature supports KCTCS Workforce Solutions with public resources that offset training costs for our business partners. Our partner organizations also have access to a portfolio of programs and financial incentives to facilitate talent development initiatives. When you connect with us, you connect with a network of partners within our ecosystem. Request a consultative meeting today to get connected with the right pipelines and programs to meet your talent needs!

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Foster Youth

Supporting current and former foster youth, this initiative’s purpose is to help with the completion of various training programs available through KCTCS Workforce Solutions.